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 How to deal with scars in the pigmentation area ?

Hi All, Something about us.

You can notice  more and more scars in the pigmentation  area .

How to deal with that ?

Sometimes it happens that the pigment is not absorbed,migrates, etc.

  Why is this happening and how to prevent it - that's what we want to tell you about.

  Three cases : 

  Eyebrows, Head, Cleft lip.

  * The causes of scarring in the pigmentation area 

  * What is the risk of scar pigmentation without scar preparation?

  * What complications can we see after pigmentation?

  * What can we do to prevent complications?

  * What the correct procedure for scar preparation, cavity filling and pigmentation should look like.

  * Can we supplement pigmentation with other treatments in the field of aesthetic ?

  * Can we use optical tricks in the field of colorimetry during pigmentation?

  * Are there any other facial treatments available with the use of a permanent makeup machine?

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How to deal with scars in the pigmentation area ?


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